Mr. Woods has worked with small businesses and startups for the last 20-years. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer and a founding partner in Triton Medical Solutions, a medical billing company that focuses on the unique challenges faced by dental providers attempting to bill medical insurance for OSA and TMJ related services. He is also a partner in Focused Sleep, a consulting firm that provides solutions for dental providers interested in successfully integrating a dental sleep medicine protocol in their practice. In addition to working with dental providers, Mr. Woods owns an internet technology consulting firm which focuses on integrating technology solutions for small businesses within the Phoenix metropolitan area.


Mr. Woods’ educational foundation lies in business. He holds a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management from Arizona State University.


The focus on solving complex problems from an interdisciplinary perspective plays a large role in how he approaches making all major decisions. This skill that he utilizes daily in his current position at Triton Medical Solutions, where he works closely with clients to ensure their success.


Mr. Woods brings to Transformational Alliances a thorough understating of issues faced by dental providers entering the world of sleep medicine, his experience in general business consulting, and his innate ability to listen to all parties in an argument/debate and establish common ground in order to move projects forward.

David Woods

Practice Management/Business Consultant