The next step to dental sleep medicine success is to implement it.  Thankfully, Transformational Alliances is there to help with a multidisciplinary Academy, a comprehensive and proven billing solution, in-office mentor support and a research and patient education component. 


The following can be purchased at your own pace.


The Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines offers membership and Diplomate credentialing so you can earn a designation that physicians and insurance carriers will respect.  Learn more at under the credentialing tab.

Membership: $375/year

Online Diplomate credentialing: $3000


Triton Medical solutions offers a proven medical billing solution.  More information can be found at  We have included a cost breakdown below:

Office set up: $1500

1 commercial contract with medical insurance: $750

1 Medicare contract: $1800


Focus Sleep offers in-office mentor visits for medical network setup; including in-person, mentor-guided introductions to physicians, labs, and hospitals.  Focus Sleep also offers practice analysis and plan coaching, office staff assistance; and three months of follow-up support.

Total cost: $3995


S3: Sleep Science Simplified provides comprehensive research and marketing for patient education and physician visit presentations which include:

500 full-color assorted dental sleep medicine brochures

2 fully-scripted, personalized presentations

2, one hour phone consultations

Total cost: $2000

Step 2: Implement it