Ms. Jennifer A. E. Krahe, MS, PhD(c) has been a writer and researcher in the dental sleep medicine field for the past 8 years.


She owns S3: Sleep Science Simplified, LLC. S3 provides fully-cited educational materials for patient education, academic and lay presentation materials, and tools to aid the Dental practitioner in creating and sustaining referral networks. S3 is focused on fostering collaboration between Dentists and other healthcare practitioners in the identification and management of Sleep Breathing Disorders. The company’s foundational philosophy is that of patient centered care. In keeping with current healthcare initiatives both nationally and internationally, patient-centered care asserts the importance of patient involvement in understanding and selecting treatment, and the crucial nature of providing the patient all evidence-based options available.


Ms. Krahe is a doctoral candidate in Complexity Science and Healthcare Systems. She is particularly interested in caregivers’ emergent patterns of navigation of health and healing systems where practitioners do not collaborate with one another, and how this affects health outcomes.  She seeks to illuminate new ways of designing interdisciplinary, collaborative healthcare teams with the patient’s preferences in mind.


Ms. Krahe has been awarded a Pre-Doctoral Fellowship from the NIH to complete her dissertation research. She is currently part of a grant from the Josiah H. Macy Foundation tasked with designing an interprofessional healthcare curriculum for students of medicine, advanced practice nursing, social work, and pharmacy.


Ms. Krahe’s academic background is in anthropology and international relations. She attended L’Universite Paul Valery in Montpellier, France, where she studied sociology and political philosophy. She has traveled extensively, lived in Tunisia and taught English in China.


Her doctoral work, as well as her scholarship in cultural and medical anthropology and international health and healing systems has greatly informed her work with S3 and brings a rich perspective to the collaborative approach of Transformational Alliances.


In her spare time (when not writing her dissertation), Jennifer enjoys golfing, sailing, swimming, gardening, and cooking.

Jennifer Krahe

MS, PhD(c)