Gaining the necessary didactic training in Dental Sleep Medicine is the first step to success.  Look for mentors who are successful in the field and programs that are comprehensive in nature.


The Transformational Alliances mentor team has over 150 years combined success in leadership, dentistry, dental sleep medicine, sleep medicine, marketing, physician relationships, and medical billing.  If your mentors are successful, you will be successful.


Our 2 day Comprehensive Dental Sleep Medicine Program for you and one staff member will help you gain the necessary and correct didactic training.  You'll also get the opportunity to build relationships with our  mentors.


The Comprehensive Mentor Program in Dental Sleep Medicine and the relationships you'll forge with our mentors will lay the foundation for dental sleep medicine success in your practice.


The  program cost is $2995 and is a required first step.  Additional staff are $395 each.

Step 1: Learn it