While an executive vice president at a Fortune 400 property casualty insurance company, Dr. Michael Krahe gained considerable experience in corporate strategy and execution, human resources, and technology.  He understands how to make these three key ingredients work together effectively and efficiently.


Additionally, through his expertise in starting and managing a corporate strategy function and in leading operational areas, he has finely honed two very unique and important skills: the ability to see the big picture and to execute on that picture to ensure that positive results occur.


Not only is he highly skilled in building relationships at all levels of an organization, his doctoral training in combination with his professional career accomplishments continue to aid him in making the theoretical a reality.


After retiring from a career that spanned almost 25 years, Dr. Krahe founded the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines (ACSDD), a multidisciplinary organization that trains and educates dentists and other health care practitioners in the use of oral appliances to treat sleep apnea.  He is presently the Academy’s executive director.


Because he “grew up” on customer service, an integral feature of his previous career, he understands its power in an organization.   As a result, the ACSDD prides itself on its unceasing focus on fulfilling its members’ needs, a key factor in its growth to over 200 members since it opened its doors in December 2009.  Reflecting this focus is the ACSDD’s unique mission which emphasizes the need to bring all relevant health care practitioners to the learning table without politics, hidden agendas, or favoritism.


Dr. Krahe’s deep and extensive experience in business, strategy, and leadership gives Transformational Alliances its “real-world” focus that other programs lack, specficially laying the groundwork for Dentists and walking alongside them as they plan their next steps.


Michael enjoys golfing with his daughter and brother-in-law, hiking in the desert, and relaxing with family, friends, and Santa Fe, his dog.

Michael Krahe