Dental Sleep Medicine is unique for many reasons. 


Dentists are used to billing under the dental model for procedures in their practices.  Because health risks like snoring and obstructive sleep apnea are considered medical issues, they must be diagnosed by a physician and treated and billed by a dentist. 


As such,  interdisciplinary knowledge and collaboration are necessary for success.  A robust network of physician referrals is necessary for a smooth and constant flow of patients.  Finally, a medical billing network is necessary to make sure you get paid legally and ethically.


Transformational Alliances offers all these services and more in the Comprehensive Dental Sleep Medicine Program, a unique step by step program you take at your own pace.  Because the program is so varied, we have created the 3 Steps to Dental Sleep Medicine Success.  Think of these steps as a path to having a successful and profitable Dental Sleep Medicine practice.


Click on each step to learn how Transformational Alliances walks with you on the path to success.

3 Steps to Dental Sleep Medicine Success