"Many organizations are too hungry and because they squeeze blood out of every rock they find, they lose the ability to succeed in a true win-win-win environment.  Not so with Transformational Alliances.  We appreciate working with such fine people."


Jacques Doueck, DDS

Brooklyn, New York

Listen to testimonials from TA alumni.

Read testimonials from TA alumni.

"I have been interested in incorporating a comprehensive sleep program into my orthodontic practice for the last few years, but needed some direction how best to accomplish that.  TA is the answer. 


Not only did I receive a lot of this information in just the first of several courses, the ongoing support you will receive by becoming involved in TA is amazing.  Your mentors want you to succeed and will track your success and make all of the necessary contacts and arrangements for you to make sure that you do succeed. 


From the contacting of physicians at hospitals and clinics, to walking you through the intricacies of the billing process, TA is there to support you.  Transformational Alliances has definite plans and goals to help you make sleep dentistry either a small part of your practice, or the only thing that you do."


Mark Paschen, DDS

Baraboo, Wisconsin

My experience with Transformational Alliance was an extraordinarily positive one.  Not only were all the speakers extremely informative and insightful, but I really appreciated the fact that they were readily available throughout the weekend for one on one conversations and feedback.  I found the attention to detail and focus to be very personalized to my practice.  The program presented was thorough, with a true plan of action and supportive follow-up by TA. 


I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in integrating the treatment of OSA into their practice.


Matthew Cavendish, DDS

Scottsdale, Arizona